Friday, June 02, 2017

London Agile Game Development Course with Scrum Master Certification

Boost your game team's effectiveness by joining us this July for the first London course by game development veteran and author of Agile Game Development with Scrum.

This two-day course gives participants hands-on experience applying Scrum to video game development.  It puts theory into action through extensive use of exercise and a project simulation. All exercises and discussions are specifically tailored for those working in video game development and for all levels of agile experience.

As an agile game development coach who has been making video games for 25 years, Clint can navigate you past the hype and myth of Scrum and agile and help your teams eliminate waste, crunch and practices that hold them back.

This course will make extensive use of Clint's latest book Gear Up! Advanced Game Development Practices, which contains over 90 proven practices to gear up your team for higher productivity and purpose.

Following completion of the course, attendees will receive a two year membership in the Scrum Alliance and be eligible to take a multiple choice test of their Scrum knowledge to receive their Scrum Master Certification. 

To learn more about this course, please visit the registration site.

Recommendations from past attendees
“Clinton is one of those trainers that has a special knack for sharing his expertise in a way that is clearly understood. The training he gave was clear, concise and actually a fun way of learning. He clearly demonstrated his knowledge of the industry and the frameworks we are working with. I would highly recommend his training to anyone and look forward to acquiring a deeper skill set from his courses in the future.” - Dave Collins

“Clinton is a very dynamic and entertaining instructor that can captivate an audience’s attention.  Having an interesting instructor that can also be funny and do a lot of group activities is essential when having to be in a class for 7 or 8 hours.” - Shirley Stevenson

"Clinton is a very switched on, genuine guy, and I strongly recommend his ScrumMaster Course to anyone who is looking to improve the productivity of their teams with Agile Scrum.” - Kim Sellentin, Blizzard Entertainment

Clinton has a lot of experience with general game development and is a pioneer with implementing Scrum in game development. His stories were not only interesting but served as a great way to show how Scrum is being used in the real world. He has worked with some big studios including CCP (creators of Eve Online) and Bioware. This gives him both credibility and a great insight into how large companies have made successful games using Scrum.  - Alastair Doulin

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