Monday, August 13, 2012


axiom  (ˈæksɪəm)
 — n
1. a generally accepted proposition or principle, sanctioned by experience; maxim

I sometimes find myself in debates about the value or application of agile practices.  For example, I was speaking with a ScrumMaster who was frustrated with their team because they are not "filling in their time-sheets" or "updating the task tracking tools" they've setup to help sprint execution become "more efficient and predictable".  This led to a debate about the value and appropriate application of tools and the purpose of the team owning sprint planning and execution.  I believe such tools and practices harm Scrum teams, while the ScrumMaster believed that certainty in sprint planning and execution can be achieved with enough detail and tracking.  The root cause of the disagreement laid below the practices, in the area of core principles or axioms, for creative teams and product development.

So the idea is to start posting what I believe to be axioms about creative workers, teams and products.  The idea is to make connections to some of the practices that are debated.  This will duplicate and overlap some of the agile manifesto, which is a great statement of values, but the manifesto has been quoted so long and frequently, that we don't always think about the reasons behind it.

I'll put "axiom" in the post headings and link to this page.  I'd love to hear any comments about whether these are truly axioms, or not.

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