Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"Agile Game Development with Scrum" book is shipping!

I'm very happy to announce that the book is shipping from Amazon!

Thanks to my manuscript reviewers: Bendik Bygstad, CJ Connoy, Jeff Lindsey, Erik Theiz, and all of 38 Studios, Jason Della Rocca, and Senta Jakobsen. Their level of detailed feedback was tremendous and added a great deal of value to the book.

This book took almost two years to write. During this time, I received much feedback and advice from those who downloaded draft chapters and helped steer the direction the book took: Bas Vodde, Chris Oltyan, Diogo Neves, George Somaru, Heather Maxwell Chandler, Jamie Briant, Julian  Gollop, Karen Clark, Lia Siojo, Lyssa Clark Adkins, Martin Keywood, Paul Evans, Philip  Borgnes, Robert Bacon, Ron Artigues, Rose Hunt, Scott Blinn, Sheldon Brown, Steve Sargent, Wanda Meloni, LaRae Brim, Keith Boesky, AĆ°alsteinn “Alli”  Ɠttarsson, and Barbara Chamberlin. Extra thanks to Justin Woodward for all his artistic help and advice!

To Bruce Rennie, Michael Riccio, Rory McGuire, Stephane Etienne,  Caroline Esmurdoc, Shelly Warmuth, Chris Ulm, and Alistair Doulin. I thank them for letting me use their words.


Anthony Castoro said...

This book is fantastic.

Clinton Keith said...

Thanks!! Amazon reviews or ratings are always appreciated ;)