Saturday, February 20, 2010

Micromanage at Your Peril


Have you ever worked with a micro-manager? This is someone who thinks he or she needs to be involved in everything that happens within the company. These leaders are closing out the talents of others by not divesting themselves from the day-to-day problem-solving activities of the company. Great leaders let go of the day-to-day, problem-solving activities of the company. Rather, they choose to maximize strategic and relationship-building efforts. These contribute to the forward momentum of the company rather than causing a "bottleneck" at the leader's desk. No one person should do it all — and if they are self-aware, most people will realize that they really aren't capable nor knowledgeable enough to do it all.

thanks to Kim Sellentin for the link.

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Yves Grolet said...

I wish it would have been that simple ;-)

I tried both approaches and none of those works. It's a mix of both that is driven by the capabilities of everybody and the objectives/constraints of the projet.

Also ask yourself if you are there to build a projet, build a team or build a company. After 22 years of experience and 11 published games, i discovered that they are most of the time mutualiy exclusive...