Monday, February 22, 2010

Making an MMORPG on a shoe-string

Just read an article about Forever Interactive, which calls itself "a completely virtual agile game development studio" and how they are developing their MMORPG:

The nearly 50 programmers and artists working for Forever Interactive are not pulling paychecks but instead banking on eventual compensation that will be a percentage of the revenue - a percentage based on their performance - when money comes in, Harmsen says.

It's a "sweat equity" model, and performance includes things such as communication, meeting deadlines, reaching milestones, with accomplishments compounding until the game launches.

I'll be keeping an eye on them over the next year.


Siddhi said...

Hi Clinton, the URL seems broken. I'm getting a 404 error.

Clinton Keith said...

Looks like a space was appended to the end of the link. Fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out!

Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring the article!

We have so much fun doing what we do at Forever Interactive. We want to make the impossible possible, and show that great games don't just come from big-name companies!

Lead Artist

Clinton Keith said...


I hope you succeed! The best games often come from the teams that have the most fun making them.