Friday, January 29, 2010

Congratulations Bioware!

I just received my copy of Mass Effect 2, developed by Bioware in Edmonton, Canada, a client of Clinton Keith Consulting.

I met the developers of Dragon Age late in the game's development and was bombarded with a wide range of insightful questions about Scrum and agile in general.

The ME2 team I met was talented, well led and experienced in using agile practices (having adopted agile during ME1).  They explored lean practices for ME2 production and spoke about them at GDC.

Bioware has always been at the forefront of exploring ways to improve their development processes.  Talent, vision, focus and leadership are in abundance there.   They understand that Scrum is merely a tool for leveraging those attributes and that continual improvement is a necessity.

Congratulations to both teams and Bioware!


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that's the official cover for Mass Effect 2. ;)

Clinton Keith said...

Damn you google images! ;)

Fixed. Thanks!