Friday, December 18, 2009

"Scrum is dangerous"

A good quote from Lyssa Adkins via Tobias Mayer's blog.  Both Lyssa and Tobias are Scrum Trainers and thought leaders.

As the Orson Scott Card quote says, there is something in us that desperately wants to “safely interpret dangerous things in ways that don’t require us to change our lives.” Is Scrum dangerous that way? Absolutely. If you are doing Scrum well it will require you to change your life. You will have to give away your belief that having a checklist makes things run smoothly. You will have to stop chasing the perfect process and, instead, start cultivating your ability to trust the resourcefulness of others. You will cease using line items checked off on a plan as your measure of value. You will face your fears, all of them, about yourself and other people. You will stop making progress and start making products.

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Alena said...

Yes, but improvement always change something: it may be your life, schedule, way of thinking. Changing for the better always involves development.