Friday, December 11, 2009

Repost: the Heart of the Team

I came across this post written a few months back. Shelly Warmuth had some good words to say about the goal of a Scrum team.

At the heart of the scrum team is the interaction of the team. A daily meeting around the task board is interactive, vibrant, collaborative, visual, and tactile. It is a visual way of showing the goal the team is striving toward and the progress they are making. They, each and every member of the team, are peers.

They own the goal. It's a team effort. They gather around the board to align themselves with each other, to honor each others' contribution to the effort, and to course-correct when they are missing the mark. They argue, discuss, share, learn, continually improve, celebrate, boost each other up, and create solutions.

There is another thing that scrum does for the team: it creates transparency. Since scrum depends on collaboration and continual forward progress, problems are addressed by the team as they crop up instead of dealing with them later or covering the problem under a layer of "spin".

A structured, militant environment will never create a team. A team works together toward a shared goal. A group works together toward a goal given to them. Scrum is messy, and noisy. It lives, it breathes, it stretches, it morphs and it expands. Interaction is the heart of the team. The heart of scrum, is the team.

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