Monday, October 05, 2009

The Limits of Lean

Jurgen Appelo has posted yet another well written and insightful blog entry, this one called The Danger of Lean: Ignoring Social Complexity. He identifies that Lean Development methods do not emphasize teams and collaboration:

Just pick your average Lean software development book, go to the index, and try to find references to concepts like motivation, creativity, innovation, personality, or fun. You probably won’t succeed.


Karna said...

"I'm really looking forward to Jurgen's book!"

- And I'm really looking forward to yours!

Jurgen Appelo said...

Thanks, I appreciate the support! :)

Stephen Billing said...

Except that Ralph Stacey doesn't think that organisations or any social endeavours are Complex Adaptive Systems, or systems of any kind.

Jurgen Appelo said...

@Stephen: True, but I don't tend to agree with him on that, and I have the feeling that neither do most others.

Alan Shalloway said...

Lean is very much about teams and creativity. Perhaps not motivation. No one can really motivate another - although they may be able to demotivate them. There are many lean books that talk about teams and how to assist them. Scholtes has written a couple, David Mann on creating a Lean culture also discusses it.

This is a misunderstood part of Lean because it isn't rah rah let's have the team be all there is.

Clinton Keith said...

A large part of the problem is whose definition of Lean are we using? "Many Lean books talk about..." doesn't mean all or even most.