Friday, May 15, 2009

Certified Scrum Master course in San Diego

I'm teaching a Certified Scrum Master course in San Diego on June 11 & 12 (Thursday & Friday). This is hosted by the PMI and is not focused on game development.

More details here.


Anonymous said...

i am very thrilled that you are teaching another class. i do not want to miss this one. i have clicked on the link but i cannot seem to be able to register!!! please advice. what do i need in order to fall under the "pre-approved Clinton Keith referral between 4/22 - 6/8/09 = $999.00"

HELP! Please Help

Clinton Keith said...

Did you try this link:

When you select "register for event" there will be a selection of prices at the bottom. Send me an email before you register so I have it when they ask me about the discount.