Saturday, March 21, 2009

GDC Week

Another GDC! I'll be presenting my session on Thursday at 9 AM called Advanced Scrum and Agile Development. This has probably been the most challenging presentation I've had to come up with. Over the past year as I've visited a lot of studios, I've seen some very common challenges that Scrum teams has been struggling with. As we addressed these challenges I started to see some common patterns emerge about how studios see Scrum. For example, many studios new to Scrum see it as a way to slice and dice a push system of task management -- and it does give some improvements to the way they managed tasks in the past. The challenge is to transition to a pull system of creating value every iteration; tasks are critical, but achieving "done" is more important. Changing this state of mind is a challenge that most Scrum teams will face.

Issues like this have been the most valuable to address over the past year, so that's why I'm addressing them in the session. We'll see if it translates to a 45 minute talk.

There are plenty of interesting sessions again. Some of the ones I'm looking forward to are:

Failure is NOT an Option - Basic Survival Techniques for any Producer/Designer
I attend any talk that Rich Vogel gives at GDC.

Building Your Airplane While Flying: Production at Bungie
Production case studies from Halo3. Enough said.

Bend Microsoft Project To Your Will - Again
Have I gone mad? Microsoft Project? Mike McShaffry always has something interesting to say, but when the session description includes statements like "...even how to track agile development (even SCRUM!) using Microsoft Project", attendance is a must.

The Iterative Level Design Process of Bioware's MASS EFFECT 2
C'mon GDC organizers! This talk at 4 PM Friday?! Unfortunately I'll be waiting for my plane. Bioware is pushing the boundaries of Scrum and Lean for level production. If you are around, this should be interesting.

There are plenty of other great sounding sessions as well.

See you at GDC!

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