Sunday, June 29, 2008

Incremental and Iterative development on a huge scale

An article in this morning's San Diego Union Tribune described the 10+ year, $160 billion dollar Future Combat System (FCS) project. The following section caught my eye:

... they are using an innovative development model, which they say is better suited to a huge project with multiple interlocking parts.

Zanini said FCS is being developed in phases. At each stage, products are tested by soldiers to see if they work and how they can be improved, he said. Lessons learned from testing are applied to the next phase of development, which allows the program to keep up with advances in technology, he said.

“You're in a build-test-build cycle throughout the life of the program,” Zanini said. “If you didn't take that approach, you'd be gambling.”

Just some food for thought for anyone who thinks agile is "unsuitable for large game projects".

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hObbE said...


I just wanted to let you know that I just found your blog and consider it and your other pages to be very interesting.

I'm running a small indie studio and we're always looking for opportunities to be more agile.

Maybe you'll find my series of articles regarding best practices of software engineering in game development interesting.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Keep up the good work!