Friday, May 16, 2008

Status : Austin CSM for VG a Success

Last week Mike Cohn and I conducted a 2-day Certified Scrum Master course for Video Games
in Austin. The course was sold out and went very well. Although the video game development industry has adopted Scrum later than many other industries, ours is the first to have a CSM course dedicated to it.

Next month I'll be attending and presenting at the NLGD conference in the Netherlands. I had wanted to attend the Paris GDC as well, but other plans prevented that.


Anonymous said...

Any plans for a CSM for VG in Europe in the near future?

Clinton Keith said...

None right now. I am in Europe in a few weeks teaching classes at studios.

I also hope to be certified to teach CSM for VG classes privately soon.

I'll post if anything comes up for a public class.