Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Announcement: Agile Coaching for Game Teams, Leaving High Moon

After years of developing games using agile methods (Scrum, XP and Lean) I've decided to shift over to helping game teams adopt agile methodology. I am leaving High Moon Studios and will be offering onsite coaching and classes as an independent agile coach.

I've enjoyed presenting and discussing agile at conferences and working with various teams who wish to improve how they work using agile and so I am very much looking forward to this new role.

In addition to co-teaching the Certified Scrum Master course I will be offering a number of on-site services to companies and teams. These include:
  • Full day Scrum classes to Scrum teams
  • Full day Agile and Estimating classes
  • Coaching for teams, executive and publishers
More classes will be announced. Classes include many exercises and game specific details to help teams learn to adapt agile to game development based on real game project experience and their own cultures. Both the classes and coaching are highly customizable to the needs of the developer.

I'll be launching a dedicated website soon for my services. If you are interested in discussing coaching and/or classes for your company and details of these services, please contact me directly.


Anonymous said...

This is excellent news. I'm thrilled you'll be coaching other teams and companies on agile. I had the pleasure of being brought in as a consultant to help you through the early days of High Moon's transition. Through that opportunity I was able to witness the amazing improvements you initiated there. Your many new clients are going to be lucky to have someone with your depth of experience helping them through the transition to agile.

Jamie said...

Woah - does this mean you've left High Moon?

Clinton Keith said...

Yes. Actually my last day is March 28th. I enjoyed my time at High Moon, but I can't coach game teams on using agile unless I am independent.