Saturday, February 23, 2008

GDC Session

Thanks to all the folks that showed up bright and early for my session An Agile Retrospective.

The slides are posted on my site in PDF and PPT.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Clint!

The PDF was very nice to read through. It is good to read about the real practices and experiences about how the others have done the things in practice. Such a material is quite rare compared to amount of information that is available in theoretical level, especially related to agile games development.

Now, just pick some european event where you could have a session as well, so that it is easier for me to participate as well ;)

Clinton Keith said...

Thanks h-p!

I was informally invited to the Paris GDC after my session. That sounded appealing, if true.

Liam E. Hislop said...

Actually, it wasn't bad waking up at 9am for the event, it was one of the few I was looking forward to.

either the best or second best agile talk I saw (the one from Asbjoern (Crytek)) was pretty good too :)

Good stuff

Clinton Keith said...

Thanks Liam,

I thought Asbjoern's talk was pretty great too!