Tuesday, January 01, 2008

10 Pitfalls of Agility on Large Projects

A good post on the pitfalls (or misconceptions) of agility on large projects. These apply especially well to large game projects. The follow up posts to each of the pitfalls are worth reading too.


Anonymous said...

Pitfall #5: Hundreds of people can’t check directly into “main” every day.
Separate dependent sub-projects and use incremental integration with branches.

Separating dependent sub-projects into their own repositories is almost always a great idea.

But isn't "hundreds of people checking into main every day" a very real sign of success, provided that the build remains stable? Describing that as a "pitfall of agility" seems odd to me!


Clinton Keith said...

Agreed. I thought that "Pitfall" was a poor word to use. 10 "concerns" or "objections" would have been better.

The objection that "hundreds of people can't check directly into "main" every day" is based on experience from projects that don't have continuous integration or practices like TDD. Teams that do branch&merge are probably horrified at the prospect of daily commits.