Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Article on Gamasutra

Gamasutra just published an article of mine titled Scrum and Long Term Project Planning for Video Games.

This started as just another post following numerous conversations at the IGDA Leadership Forum last month, but became too large (I never like to read a 4000 word blog entry!)

Publishers and developers are really struggling with how to work together to best leverage Scrum. There seem to be some common misconceptions and patterns of problems that I wanted to address. I'll also be following up here with more detail on some specific things I cut from the article for clarity.

Thanks to Mike Cohn and Daniel Cook for their feedback on early drafts.


Anonymous said...

Some good points there.

Check out my experiences on scrum : Scrum My Day!

Clinton Keith said...


I'd strongly suggest someone on your team read this book:

Your team isn't using Scrum yet. The daily meeting isn't about updating preordained task estimates. It's a huddle for the team to address the real issues of progress on complex problems.

It doesn't sound like your team is using real velocity to adjust your future estimates as well.

The cargo cult pattern is not unusual.

This is why I recommend the book, CSM classes and coaching. The rules are simple, the principles are not.