Sunday, August 27, 2006

Agile failures and how to avoid them

I've been comptemplating a "advice on how to get started" page on the website.

Some very good info on that and the main reasons for failure adopting Agile in this post.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I had in mind to write an editorial index of resources for selling agile (selling up and to team); I think one of the obstacles to implementing is universal buy-in.

Clinton Keith said...

Looks like someone else had a similar idea:

Anonymous said...

yeah, something like that.

i think there's enough information already out there to just put up a landing page. maybe clip a podcast or two here or there.

what's missing is a one-stop "evangilism toolkit"... what i'd really like to see is an agile process configurator, e.g. you choose/customize practice descriptions, pick a template, estimation method, etc. and out comes a little pamphlet or website you can point your team toward.

(of course, i have no time, so...)

in the beginning - there's a significant amount of repetition and work that needs to be done to get everyone educated on the various pieces of an agile method.

all that and maybe a deck for pitching agile to stakeholders that would care to say yea/nay.