Monday, June 19, 2006

Back from vacation

Back from two weeks in Colorado. Lot's of great mountain biking out there!

Thanks to everyone who noticed a lack of posts recently ;) I've got plenty to add after I catch up at work.



jonathanlindsay said...

Hi Clinton. I am new to Scrum. I have read Ken's book and i'm very interested if it can be used on a project that i'm working on now ( I have many questions for you, but firstly, if a Lead shouldn't be a Scrum master what should a Lead be doing?

Clinton Keith said...

Welcome! My opinion is that we take great programmers, make them leads and hand them a spreadsheet and tell them to estimate tasks, etc....all things that they weren't doing before they were promoted. Scrum takes that management role away from them and allows them to focus on continuing to create good technology and being technical leaders, not managers.

The role of a Scrum Master is to insure that the team is following the practices, not being invaded by outside influences and that impediments are being tracked. There is no hard rule that says that leads under the old system can't take this role, but they have a harder time getting over their "command and control" habits.

Clinton Keith said...

Also, I suggest you join the mailing list and send all your questions there. There are a lot of very experienced game agilists on the list and you'll get some great feedback.

Also look over the old posts. I'd say most topics are from people new to Agile.