Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New conference




Jamie said...

A few things:
- I haven't been keeping up with your blog, apparently because bloglines wasn't working with your RSS feed. I tweaked something. Might be fixed now, we'll see.
- Started introducing scrum where I'm consulting. (Although I haven't been calling it that.) Too early to see results yet but it just *feels* right. I'll keep you posted, but I have some questions.
- The "Product Owner" is the head of the company and the lead designer. Anything you have to do different if the "Product Owner" is also on the team? Naturally, he thought the team was undercommitting in its first planning meeting...
- Random side note, I've been avoiding buzzwords because I don't want to alienate anybody. It's not a "Sprint", it's an "Internal Milestone" - it's not a "Product Backlog", it's a "Feature List", etc. We're not "using Scrum", we're "borrowing a bunch of best practices from Scrum..."

Clinton Keith said...

works for my on bloglines.

- PO : A PO as a pig is fine. Sounds like your PO could be a barrier to team ownership though. You should really work on his understanding of Scrum (read the book or going to a CSM class).

- Buzz words : We started in a similar way...we were using practices that were similar before I read about Scrum. A major value is adapting it to your needs. Call it whatever you want!