Saturday, November 19, 2005

Scrum Gathering in Boulder

Just returned last night from the Fourth Scrum Gathering in Boulder CO. The purpose of the gathering was for Scrum Masters to get together and "tell stories" about their Scrum experiences: to build the knowledge base. The theme of the gathering was to discuss "Enterprise Scrum". I'm still not 100% on what that really means, but it applies to Scrum being applied to an entire enterprise rather than growing it from the bottom-up at the IT level.

I gave my keynote presentation on Wendesday morning. The game industry has lots of fun stories to tell that apply to traditional waterfall management and we have some fun stories to tell about our Scrum experiences as was a good experience to share those.

The gathering was very informative and enjoyable. The open circle discussion format was effective for creating discussion topics.

Two impressions were reinforced at the gathering that I'd like to note: 1) we share the same challenges and successes that other, very different, companies using Scrum experience and that 2) Scrum is perfect for Video Game Development.

More notes to come. Have a look at the wiki.


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