Tuesday, November 22, 2005

High Moon Studios Receives Workplace Excellence Award

High Moon was noted for its adoption of an innovative product development
methodology known as Scrum. Named after the tight line of scrimmage
formation in rugby, the Scrum method is a process derived from Agile
Methodologies established by software and high-tech R&D companies. Scrum
promotes development through interdisciplinary, non-hierarchal teams who
work in short cycles around demonstrable goals. It addresses the
disciplinary divide among artists, designers and programmers as well as
long development cycles that hinder product evaluation, making it well
suited to game development. Scrum also provides a framework for enhanced
productivity during the course of a standard workweek, giving each team the
ownership to establish its own objectives and a strategy to reach them for
each project cycle.

High Moon Studios, developers of Old West vampire-themed FPS Darkwatch, has received a 2005 Workplace Excellence Award from the San Diego Society for Human Resource Management. The company received a Crystal Award for "Employer of Choice," a category which had 140 other candidates vying for the prize. "We have talented people on staff, and have become accustomed to having their achievements recognized by awards. Yet this award recognizes their satisfaction with being part of High Moon, which makes it an exceptional honor for the entire company," said High Moon CEO John Rowe.

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