Saturday, March 12, 2005

Initial thoughts on the presentation

On Friday March 11, 2005 I gave my presentation on "Agile Methodology and Scrum in Game Development". Looks like several hundred people showed up. It was a one hour presentation. About 50 minutes of it were taken by my slide presentation (~ 60 slides) followed by questions.

It was a lot of material to present in a single hour. If I do the presentation next year I'd like to expand it to two hours. I'd expand some of the presentation areas (mostly to do with planning) and leave at least 45 minutes for Q&A.

This blog was created to answer any questions that have come up from the presentation and to develop ideas for further developing a future version.



Anonymous said...

Good Presentation!

Anonymous said...

ditto! Good to hear from someone actually using Scrum for game development.